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This game is still in development! For the end of #resistjam the prototype was downloadable for a short time. I've chosen to take it down and upload an update when game is finished or has a demo ready! Keep a look out for that!

Please tweet me at @mutantcassidy if you want to know the progress of the game or just want to chat!

Learn about your body and birth control in a safe, welcoming wellness center!

Let's go to the doctor and learn something about the body we walk around in everyday and find the best way for you to take care of it!

You know your body best and you have the choice of what to do with it!

Important Disclaimer: You should not use this game to diagnose or treat yourself for any medical condition and if you have a need for medical care please go see a doctor/health practitioner you trust. 

Call for professional healthcare practitioner consultation! 

If you are a doctor (especially if you are in the OBGYN or sexual health field) and you would like to help consult on this game to make sure it reflect as closely as possible a healthy clinic environment, has accurate information and resources for players, please contact me at mutantcassidy@gmail.com <3

This game is currently in development and a prototype was created for Resist Jam in an effort to support the right to safe sex education, access to healthcare and birth control for all!

We live in our bodies everyday. We are the ones who should have control over them. We should be able to learn what our bodies do. Remember that and own your right to your body.

If you can please do what you can to support the cause to make sure we all have access to education and safe spaces for health care. Whether that is donating to Planned Parenthood or using their wonderful services, volunteering to talk at a local women's shelter or school, making art, or talking to your friends, family or kids; it all makes a difference.

So many people have unanswered questions about their bodies and choices they can make regarding them, particularly with birth control. The more we talk about this, the closer we are to living in a society that doesn't censor and shame knowledge of our own bodies.


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Did you find any doctors or practitioners who could help you with the game information?

Did you find any doctors to help with the game?

I'm still seeking a medical consultant for the game.

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The game is still in development! I'm looking for doctors who can help me which is why I have the page up to reach out to people who are interested in helping!